What Do We Care?

Wieser, B. (Redner/in)

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With this paper, we address the desirability of socio-technical futures. Current changes in medical technologies promise new ways of care. This includes diagnosis, treatment, provision and prevention of diseases. First and foremost it is digital technologies which are presented to hold great potentials for better health care. Yet, will their intended users accept these technologies and how is it possible to foresee that? The anticipation of acceptance faces a number of methodological challenges. Predictions of an essentially open and uncertain future are difficult to make. Acceptance can neither be predicted nor guaranteed. It is therefore more meaningful to ask about the parameters of desirability rather than the likelihood of envisioned futures, In our paper we will analyze different framings of acceptance and try to point out what is often left out in the ssessment of socio-technical futures.
Zeitraum8 Mai 2018
EreignistitelWhat Do We Care?
OrtGraz, Österreich

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