Synthesis of asymmetric substituted Sn(IV) porphyrins via the Kozeschkow reaction

  • Grössl, D. M. (Redner/in)
  • Uhlig, F. (Beitragende/r)
  • Nathalie Schuster (Beitragende/r)
  • Stefan Stadlbauer (Beitragende/r)

Aktivität: Vortrag oder PräsentationVortrag bei Konferenz oder FachtagungScience to science


Very few is known about the asymmetric synthesis of tin porphyrins. These compounds are supposed to be interesting building blocks for more structural diversity in upcoming porphyrin constructs. However, literature known reactions are unselective and accompanied by side products. To overcome this problem, the synthesis of ((para-biphenyl)ethynyl)chloro(tetraphenylporphyrinato)tin(IV) using the Kozeschkow reaction is investigated in more detail. We here demonstrate the general concept of the ancient Kozeschkow reaction and bring along new insights around its application to 6-fold coordinated Sn moieties.
Ereignistitel10. Deutsch-Oesterreichischer Mitarbeiterworkshop
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