Imaging the magnetic domain structure of spinodal alloys using differential phase contrast STEM (DPC-STEM)

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Spinodal alloys are intriguing and promising materials for exploring the relationship between the chemical and the magnetic microstructure of magnetic alloys. The spinodal decomposition of such alloys due to heating treatments within the miscibility gap results in a segregation of a magnetic phase embedded in a non-magnetic matrix and is well known [1]. Although the compositional evolution of the microstructure and its manipulation has been subject of studies, little is known about the magnetic microstructure evolution. Differential phase contrast (DPC) carried out in scanning transmission electron microscopy ((S)TEM) mode is capable of doing so [2,3].
Zeitraum21 Apr. 202222 Apr. 2022
Ereignistitel12th ASEM Workshop: Austrian Society for Electron Microscopy
OrtLinz, Österreich

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