IDW International Design Workshop WeekUniversity of Antwerp / Faculty of Design Sciences

Hederer, F. (Organisator/-in), Max Höfler (Organisator/-in)

Aktivität: Teilnahme an / Organisation vonWorkshop, Seminar oder Kurs (Teilnahme an/Organisation von)


Design is some sort of a technique to organize things and processes in an efficient and smooth way. In order to create just a beautiful surface it often ignores crucial questions on social and environmental impacts. With our approach we directly focus on these questions using what we call phantasmatic displacements as a tool, which opens up discontinuities, controversies and spaces of reflexion in public sphere. In order to architecture and questions of urban planning it means to create a site-specific fiction which reacts subversive on the surrounding context.

For our workshop we use phantasmatic displacements in the form of construction sign building-blackboards, which have to be designed by the students. The aim is to generate a phantasma which transforms common patterns of perception, creates areas of involvement and penetrates social conditions. Installing these construction sign building-blackboards on selected places in the city the students have to promote their architectural vision to the passerby. By performative interactions they generate together with the passerby a shifted perspective on the symbolic order of the city. So these site-specific fictions have the potential to induce unexpected shifts in everyday life.
Zeitraum13 Feb 2017 - 17 Feb 2017
OrtAntwerpen, Belgien


  • Architecture, Urbanism, public space
  • Sustainable Systems