Geomagnetically induced currents and space weather - A review of current and future research in Austria

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Conductive grounded electrical power transmission
networks offer a low resistance path for currents induced in the
ground. High latitude regions or those with low earth
conductivity are especially affected by geomagnetically induced
currents (GICs), which are caused by space weather events.
Induced currents can cause damages of assets or system outages.
Austria, as part of the European Alps with low conductive areas,
tends to have a higher risk of induced currents in the electrical
power transmission network, therefore, the effect of space
weather in the power system has been investigated. Two
independent models of GICs in Austria were set up and verified
through comparison to ongoing transformer neutral point
current measurements. Further research fields, such as space
weather prediction, power transformers under dc bias and
countermeasures for system operation are outlined.
Zeitraum2 Sep. 20196 Sep. 2019
Ereignistitel54th International Universities Power Engineering Conference
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  • Power Engineering
  • Geomagnetically Induced Currents
  • Low Frequency Currents
  • Transformer Neutral Point Currents
  • GIC
  • LFC
  • Geomagnetism
  • Geophysics
  • Power System Measurements
  • Power System Simulation
  • Monitoring

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