Automated DNA sequencing facility for large scale projects: Efficiency with long readings (1000 bases), low redundancy (2-3 times) and throughput up to 100 Kilobases

W. Ansorge (Redner/in), D. Grothues (Redner/in), H. Erfle (Redner/in), N. Hewitt (Redner/in), T. Rupp (Redner/in), C. Schwager (Redner/in), Sensen, C. W. (Redner/in), H. Voss (Redner/in), S. Wiemann (Redner/in), J. Zimmermann (Redner/in)

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EreignistitelGenome Mapping and Sequencing Meeting 1993
OrtCold Spring Harbor, NY, USA / Vereinigte Staaten

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