application of alginate in architecture ALG.A

  • Stavric, M. (Organisator/-in)
  • Ivan Marjanovic (Organisator/-in)
  • Elizabeta Šamec Šamec (Organisator/-in)

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Alginate has an unrevealed potential in architecture, unlike the already commercially used microalgaes. It is found in the cell walls of brown algae, which are widely spread in Croatia’s coastal area.

This elastic material extracted from algaes and combined with certain additives can be easily shaped and permanently maintain the desired shape. Depending on the used additives, material properties change, enabling the formation of different elements. The obtained geometries range from linear filaments to membranes and shells.
Zeitraum19 Juni 20213 Aug. 2021
OrtPula, KroatienAuf Karte anzeigen


  • alginat
  • experimental architecture