A Conceptual Modeling Framework for Evaluating the Performance of Predictive Maintenance for Modern, Real-World Production Systems using Potentials and Risks of Industry 4.0

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The overall performance of real world production
systems is heavily influenced by the applied mix of maintenance
strategies. The choice is dependent on various factors which
need to be understood and investigated in detail. The emerging
trend towards AI-based prognostic models bring advantages in
model creation but also disadvantages in prediction quality. To
accomplish this, we introduce a conceptual model, which serves
as a basis for a simulation model. The latter may be used
as a testbed for evaluating different combinations of applied
maintenance strategies with respect to throughput, availabilities
and maintenance resources.
Zeitraum22 Nov 2019
Ereignistitel2019 4th International Conference on System Reliability and Safety
OrtRom, Italien


  • maintenance strategy selection problem
  • predictive maintenance
  • AI-based prognostics
  • conceptual model
  • production systems

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